Message from the President

Thank you very much for your continued support.

I would like to express my deepest condolences for the people who lost their lives and my sympathies for the people who suffered damage during the heavy rains in July 2018. I hope for the safety of everyone affected and that reconstruction is achieved as quickly as possible for the damaged areas.

We worked towards the evolution of the consulting function as the most important tactic of Step-Up 2nd Stage, the previous medium-term business plan, and we have achieved results in various fields including contributions to regional revitalization.

The environment that surrounds the financial community, including a rapid population decline at a faster rate than anticipated from the decline of birthrates and an aging population, the prolonging of a lax monetary policy, and the advance of digitalization, has rapidly increased the changing pace of the business, and has further added to the multi-faceted nature and complexity to the business that has brought about a revolutionary period of unprecedented proportions.

In response to these environmental changes, under the new medium-term business plan“, Step-Up New Stage.Transformation and Leap Forward.” that was started from this fiscal year, we will implement three branches of major structural reforms by utilizing digitalization in operational reforms, branch reforms, and channel reforms. Through various efforts including structural reforms, the Bank will put into practice the policy of putting the customer first by offering the best quality and service to customers and aim for transformation into a bank that customers continue to choose. We also believe that we must leap forward to a new stage through our management integration with Hokuetsu Bank, Ltd.

As specific initiatives for channel reforms as part of structural reforms, we opened the Internet Branch in order to improve customer convenience and launched the Daishi Bank Account Opening App for smartphones from April of this year. We will continue to work to improve services so that the Bank is more convenient for customers going forward.

In order to fulfill our role and mission as a regional financial institution that grows in a sustainable manner together with the local community, we believe initiatives that take into consideration ESG (environment, society, and governance) are essential. The Bank is actively engaged in initiatives aimed at achieving regional revitalization including the establishment of the ESG Promotion Office in February 2018, the release of the Daishi Bank Group ESG Action Policies in May 2018, and the provision of eco-friendly products and services including green ATMs that received a Minister of the Environment Award. Going forward, we will continue to put into practice ESG management to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

In addition, by further accelerating strategic partnerships in various fields in the Tsubasa Alliance that is a framework for wide-range cooperation among regional banks, we will endeavor to provide high added value service.

We ask for your continued support.

July 2018

Fujio Namiki President

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