Niigata,Our Target Market

In Niigata Prefecture, basic technology indispensable for manufacturing is accumulating at an accelerated rate. This includes mold-making, high-precision machining, casting, forging, and metal pressing. Niigata Prefecture is the number one manufacturer in Japan of products such as metal tableware and oil stoves.

With a prosperous agricultural industry centering on rice growing, it is a leading producer of rice and the number one manufacturer of rice confectionery in Japan.

Niigata Prefecture, in economic terms

(Nationwide Rank)

Area 12,584 km2 ( 5 th of 47 pref.)
Population 2,267 thousands (15 th of 47 pref.)
GDP ¥8,699 billion (15 th of 47 pref.)
Gross agricultural output ¥258 billion (12 th of 47 pref.)
Industrial shipment per capital ¥4,670 billion (23 th of 47 pref.)
Annual sales ¥6,198 billion (14 th of 47 pref.)
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